Azabu International School

Azabu International School


1:2 teacher:student ratio

Teaching through positive reinforcement

Classes conducted in English

Japanese circle time twice per week

Celebration of international cultural events

About AIS

            Our private international school was established in 1993. Since then, we have provided a recognized child development care program that meets the needs of each child and their parents. We welcome children from all over the world. We understand how children think and behave at different ages, we know how to guide them and motivate them, and we strive to provide the optimum learning atmosphere and educational experience. Our understanding of child development enables us to adapt our program to the individual needs of every child in the classroom.


1/4 school hours are child-centered activity time

3/4 school hours are teacher-directed activity time

Highly international teaching staff and student body

Educational field trips

Daily outdoor play

Focus on development of fine motor, gross motor, language, and social & emotional skills

For the safety & security of our children we do not post recognizable photos containing children’s faces on our public pages.

            ”Our son Masaki attended AIS for one full year. He started when he was 2 years and 9 months old. This was his first school experience and initially he was not happy saying good bye to his mommy. However, he got used to the school very quickly because of the wonderful teachers and staff at AIS. Masaki truly enjoyed the activities at school and experienced many multi-cultural events throughout the year. He grew a lot during this year from a boy who doesn't want to leave his mommy to a boy who can take care of many things by himself and also helps others.

We also liked the small school setting that AIS provided to our son. He was able to interact with children of different ages.   We are sure that all the great experiences Masaki had at AIS will be a great foundation for him to continuously grow in his coming school years. ”

Erika and Chris

            “We have been delighted to have both our boys in Azabu International School since we arrived in Japan nearly four years ago. The oldest was able to grow and develop in a multicultural environment, and was well-parepared for life in an international school. The youngest has also blossomed at AIS, making a group of great friends across ages and cultural boundaries. The teachers are highly engaged with their students, and the strong student to teacher ratio is evident from teachers’ personalized interactions with each student. Teachers and staff are also extremely friendly and welcoming to parents.”

David and Alexandra

            “We arrived in Tokyo when our kids, Ghalia and Yousef, were 2.5 and 10 months respectively.  With no family or friends of our own in Tokyo we decided to enroll our children in a preschool a couple of times a week so they can get to know other children, socialize and start to build a new network.  We toured many schools but AIS stood apart from them all.  With their small sized classes, a small ratio of 2:1 children/teacher, hands-on owner, welcoming teachers, it was not hard for us to make a decision.  Since then, AIS has been more than just a school for our family and more of an extended family.  The teachers always welcomed us in with a smile, took interest in our children's own interests and encouraged them to make friends and learn.  Ghalia and Yousef blossomed under AIS's attentive smile and grew to not only enjoy their time at school but even have asked on numerous occasions to stay longer to ‘play’.  By the time both our children graduated from AIS, they had strengthened their social skills, gross and fine motor skills, not to mention a love of learning that we hope will last for many years to come.”

Mohammed and Zahra


            "Our daughter Alexia attended AIS two years starting at the age of 17 months.  From the very beginning, teachers did a great job making Alexia feel secure and confident at school.  I think that AIS has a very good balance of teaching and playing.  Alexia's drawing and athletic talents were discovered during her classes.  What I like the best about AIS are the teachers, the individual approach, and the warm atmosphere at school.  As parents, we got a lot of feedback on Alexia's progress and good advice about bringing up our daughter.”    

Oksana and Sebastian

            "We would like to express our deep gratitude to AIS for helping with the development of Kai and Maya.  They were very happy with their teachers and what they learned at AIS.  They both benefited from the low teacher:student ratio and the positive environment that AIS has created.  Thank you again for your support."    

Kayoko and Andrew

            "My son, Evan, attended his first year in Tokyo and was a student in the Bears class.  Since it was his first school experience, we wanted to keep his days to a minimum of three.  However, Evan enjoyed school at AIS so much that he was asking to go every day.  In just one year, Evan blossomed socially and intellectually in so many ways.  Because of AIS's nurturing and warm environment, Evan continues to enjoy school and loves to learn.  AIS provided Evan with a wonderful foundation that will continue to positively impact him throughout his coming years of school."    


            "A wonderful time Ella had at Azabu IS and what a great 'job' all of you did with her!  Also with me, it was such a relief to see her happy and a true satisfaction as a mom to see how she developed.  You certainly made learning fun and I hope that both Ella and Edward will be able to experience that again."

Caroline and Fredrik

            "Benjamin started attending Azabu International School when he barely turned one and just learned to walk independently.  Since his motor and verbal progress seemed to be right on target, I felt that he would really benefit from some interaction with other children and teachers, in some organized group setting.  The main point which drew me to AIS was the 2:1 ratio for the youngest group, Rabbits, which Benjamin joined.  I immediately felt the personalized attention to our family's needs as soon as we walked through the door for our orientation with the Director of the school.  It was not an easy transition for Benjamin from a full-time home environment to a 2 days per week program at AIS, but the teachers with the proper guidance from the Director, always knew how to handle Benjamin's and my nervousness when it was time to say goodbye during morning drop off.  Very soon, Benjamin developed great connections with his teachers and created a few really great relationships with children in his class.  He is a social boy and I feel that AIS focused on his socialization in all age appropriate ways, along with the development of some pre-academic reading and counting skills.  Benjamin was truly nurtured in his very first school experience, always leaving me feeling comfortable about his safety and happiness while he was not in my care, which are the most important things we can wish for as parents of such young children.  I hope that having gained such a positive beginning will help Benjamin to have the self-confidence in any new situation he will encounter in the future.  Thank you, AIS."    

Katerina and Brian

Parents’ Voices