Congratulations to our graduating students! We are so proud of them for their achievements and personal growth and development throughout this past year. We know they will continue to succeed at their respective schools.

Our Summer School Program will take a place from August 18th - 29th. Join us for swimming, T-shirt painting, watermelon crushing, and more!

The 2014 - 2015 school year will start on September 1st. We hope everybody has a fabulous summer holiday and we can't wait to see you in September!

"gPlay is the most important way that young children learn. Through play, children learn about the social, physical emotional, and cognitive worlds around them. As they play with adults, they learn new vocabulary, understand culturally determind rules and roles such as how to treat one another, and build important emotional connections. When they play with their peers, they learn that others have perspectives, rights, and feelings that may conflict with their own. Playing with others is how children learn reciprocity and mutual respect, essential traits humans need to coexist in a peaceful world.h"

Why play is learning at its best
By Sandra Waite-Stupiansky / naeyc

Our International private school was established in 1993. Since then we have provided a recognized child development care program that meets the needs of each child and their parents. We welcome children from all over the world. We understand how children think and behave at different ages, we know how to guide them, motivate them, how to provide optimum learning atmosphere and experiences for each child. Our understanding of child development enables us to adjust our program to the individual needs of the children in the classroom.

We believe it is important to protect the safety and security of our students. Therefore, we have not placed any photos of the children on our website.

Special Features

   Our school offers...
- 1:2 teacher to child ratio
- classes conducted in English
- teaching of good hygienic habits, proper manners, rules, and greetings
- fire drill practice on a regular basis
- outdoor play everyday
- afternoon classes that develop skills in various areas
- international cultural events celebration
- educational field trips

   Our approach

- 1/4 of school hours are child-centered activity time
- 3/4 of school hours are teacher-directed activity time
- We use effective "I messages" which encourage positive        communication (e.g. 1: instead of using, "You are too noisy," we use, "I would like you to use your indoor voice," e.g. 2: instead of using "Don't run", we use "No running, please walk.")
- There are multicultural teachers who can help children's smooth transition using different languages
- We have Japanese circle time twice a week
- Well balanced daily, weekly, and monthly schedule by supervisor and head-teachers
- Weekly progress comments (We focus on 4 different developmental categories: Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Language, Social & Emotional skills)

Our staff

- All of our staff are qualified, long experienced, enthusiastic and devoted
- Always motivated to learn and to create a new style of teaching
- Are trained in First Aid and in CPR

School hours

- Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (Regular school hours from 9 AM to 1 PM)

Our classes

Children from 15 months to 5 years can join us. Children are placed into four classes according to their age and appropriate level. Our flexible program allows parents to decide how many days a week they would like their child to attend.

Regular class hours

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 1:00pm
At Azabu International School, we provide a balanced curriculum so each child will have an essential foundation for later development and learning. These are:

Language and Cognitive skills
Activities are designed to teach children these basic skills: counting, writing, memorizing, organizing, and classifying in a nurturing and supportive environment.
Example: letters, numbers, colors, shapes, sorting, patterns, introduction of reading and writing

Physical Education
Exercise provides children opportunities to develop their physical strength, coordination, and balance. This increases their self-control and esteem and to release energy, which is vital for growth and development.
Example: rhythm exercises, balance exercises, dancing, and relaxation

Arts and Crafts
Our activities encourage children to develop their individuality and creativity and they are valuable to children's fine motor development and artistic expression.
Example: drawing, painting, cutting, pasting and molding

Social and Emotional Awareness
The class offers an opportunity for children to become aware of their feelings in relation to their environment. They should be encouraged a healthy respect for others as well as a strong self-concept. Through this they learn to make positive relationships and value friendship, which is a key part of social and emotional development.
Examples: Greeting, manners and rules, Problem solving, Sharing and Respecting others

Afternoon Class Hours

Afternoon class is an enriched program which are optional according to the parents and child's needs and wants.

1:15pm to 2:15pm Classes

Young children need varied opportunities to develop their gross motor skills. This class is emphasized on enriched movement education, which builds strength and coordination, releases excess energy and develops self-esteem.
Example: dance, gymnastics, rhythm activities and relaxation
This class is a school readiness program which introduces enjoyable academic experiences. It consists of math, science, language and social awareness at an advanced level.
Example: adding, subtracting, science experiments and educational computer games
Music is an enjoyable art form that aids self-expression. It develops listening skills and auditory awareness. This class is emphasized on basic music concepts that are fun for children to learn and can increase their understanding skills.
Example: sound games, tapping the keyboard and singing with music notes
Open the door! and say "Konnichiwa" to the world! Children should be encouraged to understand and accept different cultures. This class introduces Japanese culture through various activities.
Example: origami art, songs, stories, basic vocabulary and conversation
Creativity is open, fresh, original, unique and a natural instinct in children. It is also a powerful force to help children to express themselves with their enormous originality and individuality.
Example: painting, molding, engraving and making story
Language is the key to intellectual development and key to expressing thoughts and feelings. Children naturally absorb language by listening and imitating others. We would like to give them variety of experiences and many opportunities to encourage their English abilities.
Example: songs, stories, games, basic vocabulary, and conversation

2:30pm to 3:30pm Classes

This class is a step up from E.S.L. Early learners. We recommend this for children who want a little challenge.
This is a class to encourage children to express their idea and thoughts freely through English with their imagination and creativity. This class will develop self-confidence in your child.
Example: role play with puppets, talk with puppets, sing with puppets, read with puppets, puppets' show
Children learn language skills from what they see, hear, and feel. This class provides various activities using rhythm and music, which stimulates children's linguistic ability.
Example: clapping play, phonic activity, English games through movement, dancing with the alp

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Children are natural learners and with their great curiosity, enthusiasm and originality. We would like to respect and encourage their individual and natural style of learning. Such as

- Learning through senses
- Learning through language
- Learning through moving
- Learning through repetition
- Learning through praise and encouragement
- Learning through interacting with others
- Learning though exploring and experimenting

With that in mind, we create a secure and comfortable environment where children can explore creativity freely with a well-balanced curriculum we provide. Through these various experiences, children gain great curiosity and concentration, which builds self-esteem and a positive attitude. We also teach children to accept others for who they are and what they are.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or to obtain more information about our school.  Click here for our school map.  We look forward to meeting you in the near future!

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